There could be so many reasons why you are experiencing problems with your gutters and why it is not working so well when it comes to draining some water. Some of it may cause by the falling leaves coming from the tree next to your house or roof and some could be about algae and moss that grow there. Because of those reasons, there would be a huge possibility that your Sydney gutter would have problems and that is the start of the damage to the gutter and roof. This is very common during the summer season when you are having a hard time to clean the gutter and roof and during the winter season because of thick snow.  

Here are some of the top things that you should have in your lists when you are planning to clean the gutter of your house and the roof as well.  

  1. You need to have the preparation of your cleaning tools and gears for the gutter:  Cleaning the gutter could be a bit tiring and you need to have a lot of patience in order for you to finish cleaning the said part of the house. In this way, you need to make yourself prepared about the things that you are going to use like the gears and tools or equipment to clean the gutter part. It is nice that you have the ladder as well in order for you to reach the gutter part as sometimes it is hard to get there by the roof. You could ask one of the family members to help you when it comes to giving the bucket of water if you don’t have garden hose to use for cleaning.  
  1. Knowing the right ways to remove and get rid of the dirt and things in the gutter: If you could reach that part then you need to remove the debris by using your hands to make sure that the large part would be out of the gutter. They are usually composed of wet and dry leaves that have been there for many weeks and months because you were not able to clean it due to the time. Make sure that someone will be there to hold the ladder as you are not so sure if the ladder is stable or not and you don’t want an accident. It is nice if you could have the water hose so that it would be easier for you to clean the debris and other dusty things that you could see there.  
  1. You can try to make your own vacuum cleaner for the gutter: Other would try to make their own vacuum to help in removing the debris and dirt out of the gutter especially when they don’t have much time for the cleaning. You could also watch some videos about making this one and make sure that the materials are available in your area. You could also hire a service company to do it for you if you don’t have much time.